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Saturday – 5:30pm
Sunday – 7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am, 12:00pm

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Monday through Saturday 8:15am

Saturdays 4:15pm-5:00pm


Welcome to St. Cassian Church

Saint Cassian is a community alive in the love of the Lord and each other. We have a responsibility to be a sign of this love in the world around us, to express this love through our teaching, worshipping, and service to others. We urge all parishioners to make regular use of the envelopes, or sign up for Faith Direct. Faith Direct is an easy, convenient and secure way to do online giving. Click here to learn more. If you are moving from the Parish, please notify the Parish Office.

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Celebrating Fr. Marc’s 20th Anniversary in the Priesthood!

St. Cassian School and Church celebrate Father Marc Vicari’s 20th anniversary as a priest with this video tribute. Fr. Marc Vicari has been the Pastor of St. Cassian Church in Upper Montclair since February 2011.

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Dear Parishioners:

As many of you know, these past few weeks have been a difficult time for the Catholic Church, especially in the United States and in our Archdiocese.

Just in the last few weeks we have heard of credible allegations against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick that led to his resignation as a cardinal. Then, just last week we heard about a grand jury report from Pennsylvania that named hundreds of priests with allegations against them in the state of Pennsylvania alone. Many of the allegations are extremely troubling, to say the least.

Like many of you who have expressed your feelings during these dark days, I, too, am hurt, embarrassed, scandalized, and angered by what has been revealed. I find it unfathomable that priests entrusted to the pastoral care of their parishioners, including children, would commit such heinous acts. I have always stated that there is absolutely no place in the church for those who take advantage of the vulnerable.

At the same time, I am disappointed by some of our leadership, mandated to oversee our dioceses, who did not make wise or pastoral decisions in dealing with these problems over the years. And now, many of these accusations which are decades-old, are just coming to light.

Most of all, however, I am saddened that children have been the victims of such awful abuse and have to live with the scars and wounds caused by the sins of so many of our clergy. No child or adult should have to suffer like that.

This is not the Church that Christ instituted. This is not how the Kingdom of God is built. This is not what those priests were called to do in their vocations. This is not the Catholic Church as you or I should have to know it.

While we are all angered and saddened and disappointed here at St. Cassian Church, we will not be discouraged or slow down our work of building the Kingdom of God. We will continue the good things that we do, recognizing that there is evil in the world, but it will not stop our mission of growing in holiness, celebrating the sacraments and glorifying God through Jesus Christ, I can promise you that.

Please pray for healing in our church, particularly for those who have been hurt and continue to suffer.

In Christ, Fr. Marc A. Vicari, Pastor