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Faith Direct:

Faith Direct is beneficial both to the church and its donating members.

To families and individuals, Faith Direct offers…

  • Peace of mind – because you’ll be able to support your parish each and every week, even if you’re out of town on a Sunday, or unable to attend services due to weather, illness or a family emergency
  • The convenience of not having to write a check every week
  • The security of knowing your data is protected, that every transaction is secure, and that your contributions are automatically transferred directly to the church’s account
  • The knowledge that you are helping your parish be more efficient, and have a steady, predictable cash flow to support the works that are important to you, throughout the year
  • The simplicity of being able to arrange all of your gifts – from weekly offerings and additional special appeals throughout the year to church school or building fund donations – in one secure program
  • The efficiency of having an annual statement that details your generosity, and simplifies your taxes

For a church, Faith Direct offers….

  • The predictability of a steady cash-flow that simply is not possible through the traditional method of donating
  • Increased income, because members are able to make their donations automatically – even when they are absent from Sunday services
  • A comprehensive, full-service program that includes marketing materials, one-on-one customer service and individual guidance and results analysis for each parish. We handle the details and help each congregation transition to automatic giving – so church leaders can keep their focus on doing God’s work
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your parish is using less paper, and helping preserve the natural resources God has given us